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Eagle design files will be released here later.
First PCBs are ordered and we will solder them in a few weeks.
First PCBs are ordered and we will solder them in a few weeks.
Circuit: [[Datei:isolated versatile FTDI.pdf]]
Circuit: [[Datei:isolated versatile FTDI.pdf]]
Eagle files: [[Datei:isolated versatile]]
Eagle files: [[Datei:isolated versatile]]

Version vom 4. April 2014, 20:36 Uhr

At some point I needed an isolated FTDI. Since I could not find one to buy, I designed one. After talking to some people in the hackerspace with different ideas about the project I designed it so that lots of options are possible with the design.

You can choose between the ADuM 1402 and the ADuM 5402. The 1402 will need some power on the isolated side while the 5402 can deliver up to 60mA via an internal isolated DC/DC converter.

I started with the design from sparkfun: FTDI Basic Breakout which I really liked, thanks for making the design open source, it saved me time.

The features of this FTDI are:

  • galvanic isolation via ADuM 1402 or ADuM 5402 (that’s what all the fuzz is about :) )
  • small (15.1*0.61/38,4*15,5)
  • Micro-USB-B connector (these are the cables I carry around anyways)
  • 5V,5V switched, GND and FTDI connections in a 0.1 grid, so you can stack it onto a Universal PCB

The optional features of this FTDI are:

  • RX/TX LED for serial traffic indication (I always use low current LEDs to save power)
  • Shield connection via RC element
  • ESD Protection (USB) via SRV05 or Würth 82400102
  • PTC-Fuse 500mA (USB)
  • Instead of PTC-Fuse: Current Limiting Power Switch 500mA (MIC2005A-1YM5 or similar)
  • USB Bus Powered with Power Switching Configuration (see page 25 of the FT232R datasheet)

The optional features of this FTDI with the Adum5402 are:

  • Switch for output voltage selection (3.3V / 5V)
  • LEDs for voltage selection feedback (same colours as the cables in your ATX power supply ;) )
  • Current Limiting Power Switch 50mA to protect the ADuM5402 (MIC2090-1YM5 or similar)

First PCBs are ordered and we will solder them in a few weeks.

Circuit: Datei:Isolated versatile FTDI.pdf Eagle files: Datei:Isolated versatile