PCB-Design: Eagle Library

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by: DCEM

Prefix: [1]

Polygon: use Rank to draw polygons into each ohter

Thermal Pads: Use thermal symbol connected to GND request level swap use one SMD Pad (TP0) for the surface area use as much Pads (TP1 - TPX) as needed for heat transfer

qfn packages (or othes small pitch packages) : use smd pads with roundness 100% (round edges are better for solder paste release)

Additional Information regarding PCB-Design. This is a work in progress and will hopefully be updated. by: DCEM


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Silk Screen

PCB-Pool: (t/b)Place and (t/b)Names will be printed

minimum font size: 0,6mm (acceptable readability) - 0,8mm (good readability)

keywords: land pattern, footprint