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Marcus A. Link
Virtual World Developer
Entrepreneur, OpenSimulator Hosting
Virtual Watchmaker since 2006
01577 42 20000 anrufen!
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Current Projects:
A Location Based Quiz (Prototype exists since 2007/2008 in Second Life).
Community-Shop for virtual 3D products (Items)
The Geo - Education Currency. A currency for virtual communities
Real-time 3D world: Marble Isle - virtual Real-time collaboration.
Since 2007 Manupool, a product development community

Virtual worlds, MUVEs, Local- and Community Currencies, 3D Design, 3D Printing, Desktop Manufacturing.

Deutsch: Native language
English: Yes!

Project plans
Module pool as a resource for projects.

RepRap stuff

MI³ (*FFF)


RepRap Chart
Model: Prusa Mendel
Modification: Linear Bearings
Electronic: RAMPS 1.4
Parent: yag-freak's RepRap
Child: byteborg's RepRap
Child: Ben's RepRap
Child: Felix's RepRap
Child: Rutal's RepRap
Child: Philipp's HanseBot
Child: Manupool's HanseBot
Child: Sven's MendelMax
Child: Wöhlerschule HanseBot
Child: Wöhlerschule HanseBot
Child: Biologicum MendelMax
Child: Andreas W.
Child: RepRap-Zentrale
Child: RepRap-Zentrale
Child: RepRap-Zentrale
Child: Thomas F.s Prusa Mendel

RepRap Family Tree - HackFFM 013.PNG





Stuff I printed/want to print