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LineCamPrinter is an instant picture camera like a Polaroid, however this particular thing is special as it captures and immediate print the scene line-by-line. The main components are a 128x1 CCD line array for capturing on line of the scene per time and a thermal receipt printer to instant printing of the captured line. A powerfull Arduino-compatible microcontroller (Teensy 3.2 from controls the capturing and read out of the CCD line and as long as the shutter-button is pressed it prints the automaic-gain-controlled and dithered data from the CCD line to the thermal printer.

You have to either move or tilt the camera or record moving objects like cars driving by to get a two-dimensional picture. It works more like a scanner than a photo-camera but is more fun and give more freedom, as panoramic captures, captures of moving objects and twisted pictures are just a matter of manual movement of the LineCamPrinter.

Details of operation

...description still in progress / please come back later...