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SAMLAIR Airbrush Chamber

112 Byte hinzugefügt, 20:56, 30. Jul. 2018
It utilizes two 120mm PC FANs to create an airflow and suck paint particles away from you and into a filter.
Optionally it includes freely positoned ''lighting'', tool ''storage'' and a turn ''table'' for convenience.
[[Datei:Samlair panorama.jpg]]
The cost depends on how much spare materials you have and how many features you want but in general should be around 30€
1x 22litre IKEA Samla Box (39x28x28)
2x Plywood (4mm) A4
2x PC FAN 120mm (12V)
4x M4 Screw 40mm
8x M4 Hexnut + Washers
~250x150mm Steel Mesh (should be magnetic, check before you buy)
Strips of Filter Material (I used material from a vacuumer)
~8 Neodymium Magnets (strong enough to keep the filter material in place)
Optional (Turntable)
1x IKEA "Oleby"
1x 8mm Inner diameter ball bearing
4+ Felt Gliders
Optional (Light)
LED-Berg Light Dots
24V Power Supply (the one that comes with LED BERG is not Powerful enough)
Linear Regulator 24V->12V (so you can use the FANs and the light with the same power supply)
4x 30mm washer
4x Neodymium Magnet Disc (strong enought to hold a Washer through the box wall. I used 20mm diameter, 2mm thickness)
IKEA Trassla Cable Organizers
Optional (Storage)
1x Ikea Samla Lid (for 22l)
4x Ikea Samla Closing Latch
1x Ikea Samla Tool Insert
[[Datei:SAMLAIR PivotPin.zip]]