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Project scope

Our goal is to build a slightly different beverage can vending machine.

  • Cans usually are thrown down by gravity. Our concept will rise the cans up with a lift for an easy pick.
  • New concepts to operate the machine as well as current payment methods. We discuss using mobile phones (NFC/APP).
  • Design, look and function will be extraordinary appealing to suit at events or at hotel lobbies.
  • Hardware and software will be Open Source.

We are still looking for collaboration, supporters and participants for the described modules


The idea for the new vending machine concept is born in a vitual space. The project will bring the design to our physical world.

The current design exists on Marble Isle, a virtual 3D world based on OpenSimulator.



Inner Structure

  • Objective: inexpensive material, easy to carry for transportation (initial prototype made of wood for functional testing)


  • Aluminium (weight ...)

Can Lift

  • Objective: Transport the cans up approx. 1,2m / 4 feet
  • Prototyping
    • water tubing
    • Transport via belts
    • Options: threaded rods, bicycle gears, ... in discussion
  • Possible lift mechanism that delivers the can upright standing on the top of a surface: Simulation


  • Objective: Operating via Android touchdisplay at the case, as well as Near Field Communication (NFC/Text/App.)
  • Initial Prototyp: Microcontroller via ten-key-pad and alphanumerical display
    • 2nd step: Android OS Tablet or smartphone as component of the vending machine
    • internal communication via Bluetooth


  • Jochen (AUGE e.V.) talked to me on Tuesday the 29th September 2011 about his idea of a 'casing'.
    • Installation art approach: His idea was to use a pipe, wriggling through the building - holding the cans while using gravity for separation and delivery.


  • Objective: several payment options as coupons, lotteries, micropayments, Apps
    • Android App.
    • Near-Field-Communication
    • Text/SMS
    • Barcodes or coupon codes


  • Objective: Robust control units using Microcontrollers
    • e.g. motor control, display, LED, momentary switches
    • Arduino
    • Stepper or DC motors
    • error condition detection and feedback

Power supply

  • Objective: 110/230 Volt power supply for all components
    • few voltages, e.g. 12 Volt + 5 Volt ?


  • Idea and design Manupool
  • Mechanics: Snow
  • Microcontroller: Axl


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