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Budget Laser Scanner Galvo Set ILDA Closed Loop 12 Kpps from E-Bay.


The original informations form the seller:

Gelieferte Elektronik
Gelieferte Elektronik
  • Closed Loop Moving Magnet Scanner
  • Input resistance: 200K ohms, differential
  • Signal Input voltage:±5V
  • Input voltage requirements: +15V/1.0A,-15V/0.6A
  • Operating temperature range:0~50 degrees C
  • Optical angle:±30° max
  • Scanner speed:>15Kpps (30K ILDA test-pattern ,±20°optical)
  • Mirror dimensions WxL: 7mm*11mm*0.6mm(wide wave-length)
  • Board size:7.4cm(long)*5.0cm(wide)*2.5cm(high)

The Scanner was measured by an independent source and confirmed by the factory with PANGOLIN QM2000 card. Running at the desired output speed. Using the standard ILDA test pattern. Laboratory power supply at +/-15VDC,room temperature. Windows PC with Pangolin,12/30k ILDA test-frame full size. 7x11x0.6mm mirror was used during measuring period. The galvo is fixed in the standard mounts on an aluminium base plate, no forced cooling.

Deflection angle Operating voltage Speed@ Mirrors size
20º ±15V 10Kpps @ 7*11*0.6
15º ±15V 15Kpps @ 7*11*0.6
±15V 25Kpps @ 7*11*0.6